Join one of our proactive committees and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, bring awareness and help to influence others by simply taking part in a range of our committees’ activities

The Outreach Committee involves three major functions, marketing, public relations and membership relations. The Committee oversees Kuwait GBC’s overall branding, website, social media, printing material, conference participation, media campaigns and arrangements of Kuwait GBC related events.
The Technical Committee deals with the development and ongoing operation of a green building rating system for Kuwait and the region. The Committee will work closely with organizations from both the public and private sector towards the adoption of a unified national rating and certification system and various policies and legal regulations that regulate the green building sector. The Technical Committee also offers consultancy in the field of green building, technology, innovation, energy optimization as well as existing building retrofitting. The Committee is also responsible for arranging the conducting of technical and professional trainings, workshops and courses.
The Education Committee oversees organizing both regular and non-regular events for the Kuwait GBC members. Through well-established Learning & Professional Development programs, the Committee provides introductions to sustainability and green building, regular updates from the theory and practice sides, quality education for different activities and job roles across the building lifecycle, and high-impact learning that gives know-how about implementing knowledge and skills in sustainable projects and organizations.