Who We Are?

The Kuwait Green Building Council a non-profit organization, the initiate started in 2009 with organizations and businesses from different industries in Kuwait. These include Universities, local authorities, Contractors, Architects, Engineers, Energy companies, and other leading private companies. All are united in one common goal to provide leadership and advice to accelerate the rate of change in Kuwait to a sustainable environment. The KGBC is affiliated with the World Green Building Council and part of its network. This is a global coalition of more than 100 national Green Building Councils around the world with a total membership of over 27,000 of the most progressive international organizations and businesses making it the largest organization globally influencing the green building market.

Our Mission

To enhance public awareness about the benefits of green buildings and develop the relationship between the building industry and society for the promotion and achievement of environmentally responsible buildings.


To drive the transition of the Kuwait property sector towards sustainability by promoting green building programs, technologies, design practices and operations as well as the integration of green building initiatives into mainstream design, construction and the operation of buildings.


The council disseminates content and raises awareness about ways and means of planning, constructing and using buildings in order to promote sustainability. The goal of promoting a certain type of construction is to create living space that has only a slight impact on the environment and consumes few resources as it ensures the health, comfort and the high performance of its users.
The council promotes all science, research, and teaching that support this purpose. In particular, the council reaches this goal by:

A) Further developing and enforcing sustainability criteria.
B) Promoting sustainable building by showing the positive effects on climate protection, resource consumption, health, quality and efficiency, the economy, and the labor market; to this end, scientific/technical findings, reports about practice, and the projects implemented and certified shall be published to reach a broader audience.
C) Organizing qualification and further training classes to teach the goals, content, and specifications of sustainable building.
D) Promoting the sharing of opinions and experience related to sustainable building among everyone in the construction sector.
E) Developing a certification system and implementing a quality label to demonstrate and certify towards building owners and users that sustainability criteria have been upheld.
F) Organizing and conducting certification, granting certificates.