Protecting the environment is a global priority and it is as urgent in the Middle East and North Africa region as it is anywhere else in the world. Dramatic economic growth has at times been detrimental to the fragile natural environment. There is a rising call for a change in mindset, advancing the notion that the economy and the environment go hand in hand. This event will convene business leaders, policymakers, scientists, academics, and investors, to offer them concrete strategies and ideas to help them to prepare for the future and scale up their efforts towards ensuring sustainability.

Real estate development and building construction and operations often cause a negative impact towards the environment such as the reduction of natural resources, the ecological capacity in the site and its surroundings, energy exploitation, and excessive pollutant and greenhouse gases emission. To overcome these issues, the green homes concept has been demonstrated to be a logical and positive solution for the improvement of the environment and protection of natural resources and habitat.

Global environmental change poses two immediate challenges to real estate sector: the first is how to respond to its myriad consequences, from rapid transformations of the way buildings are being designed, built and operated to food scarcity or population displacements; the second is how to re-assess the legal, ethical and political limits of architecture’s responsibilities, which cannot be confined to the limits of the building yet extents to the way buildings affects our lifestyle. All around the world several inroads are being made to address these issues, from adopting sustainable building practices to incorporating concerns with materials’ embodied energy and CO2 emissions. An environmental architecture should not be how to design a sustainable building but the ways in which design participates in processes of environmental transformation. The concern of the conference will be re-imagining architecture and construction of the residential sector as practices that have the environment as its object of concern.

The 1st Kuwait Green Building Conference and Expo will bring industry leaders and experts under the same platform to share their knowledge and expertise and provoke the exchange of ideas on the topic of green homes and green living in Kuwait and the surrounding region. The speakers will also be from local, regional and international levels, bringing a variety of viewpoints and practices to develop and diversify the presented educational platform.

By holding this annual conference for the experts in related fields, KGBC will also be taking up an initiative to spread a general awareness about living more eco-friendly lives in the younger generations of Kuwait. This will hopefully create the demand for certified green homes and multifamily residential buildings as early as possible, leading to a booming sustainable building construction industry in response to this demand and a result of total net zero carbon and zero energy homes by 2050, in line with the climate change mitigation commitments set up by Paris Agreement.


Join 350+ industry leaders and policymakers who are at the forefront of the sustainability agenda across the region. Have your say discussing the challenges and opportunities in the global effort to protect the environment, ensuring that business has a part in it too.

The 1st Kuwait GBC Green Building Conference & Expo is targeting the following groups:

  • Green Building Professionals: Engineers: mechanical, electrical, structural, environmental engineers and architects
  • Governmental Institutions: Public Authority of Housing Welfare (PAHW), Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Science (KFAS), Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), Environmental Public Authority (EPA), Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET), Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW), Supreme Council for Planning and Development, etc.
  • NGOs: UN Habitat, Green Hands, German Business Council, Kuwait Environment Protection Society, Arab Towns Organizations, en.v, etc.
  • Private Sector: Engineering and consultancy offices, building and green building product manufacturers and suppliers, developers, contractors, building owners, banks and mortgage organizations, real estate companies, etc.
  • Academic Institutions (Faculty and students): Kuwait University, College of Engineering and Petroleum, Arab Open University, Australian College Kuwait, American University of the Middle East, American University of Kuwait, Gulf University of Science and Technology, etc.
  • Embassies in Kuwait and International Organizations
  • Individual owners of houses and tenants.

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CONFERENCE ONLY PASS (2nd and 3rd April 2019)
Access to attend the Conference sessions on April 2nd and 3rd
Registration Fee
KGBC members: free (join KGBC)
Non-members: 200 KWD
Students: 100 KWD


Title: LEED v4 for Homes and Multifamily Midrise (8h)

Date: 2nd and 3rd April 2019

Description: LEED v4 is a program which offers a better approach to building performance by incentivizing strategies around a higher valued credit and higher certification levels to attain better environmental economic and social impacts. The program incites more focus on metering and motoring which encourages Home owners to track energy, water and ventilation rates.

This workshop is intended for those who are interested in learning about the program and how to use the rating system in which will help to attain a more sustainable environment for homes and multifamily midrise.

KGBC members: 200 KWD
Non-members: 260 KWD
Students: 100 KWD

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