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Nezar Al-Anjari Consulting Bureau (NAB) was founded in 1996 and is incorporated and
professionally registered to Kuwait Municipality under the law of the State of Kuwait. Our main
focuses are architecture, engineering, urban design and infrastructure, planning, landscape,
interior design, and project management. Over the years, our diverse and talented team has
grown to reach over 150 members, and is continuing to grow more and more as the work
scope of the firm expands. Today, we are proudly one of the largest and most capable
firms in Kuwait. 

NAB is dedicated to the provision of consulting expertise, improvement methodology,
engineering design services, site supervision and construction management. NAB has, since
1996, helped develop and advance the building industry in Kuwait. NAB is also on the list of
approved consultants constantly working alongside the Kuwait Municipality and the Ministry of
Public Works. NAB’s philosophy for success is to develop a clear understanding and complete
trust with the owner and client, while working and creating innovative solutions with the designer
and engineer in all aspects of the project.

The scope of projects undertaken has been very broad, ranging from small and simple
ventures for which personal relationships are needed to ensure success, to large or complex
enterprises requiring comprehensive overall control and management. Our clients include public
authorities, commercial enterprises, contracting companies, and international organizations.
NAB’s goal is to provide each client with a complete and up-to-date source of information
and technical assistance in all aspects of architecture and design, construction consulting,
engineering, and planning. Each project receives the close attention and diligence required to be
successfully completed within the time frame allowed. We are constantly bettering our work and
firm capabilities, with our latest addition of software usage such as advanced BIM and Revit.