Membership Info


Kuwait Green Building Council is a growing organization with individual and corporate members covering the supply and demand chain of the building industry, developers, consultants, engineers, architects, interior designers, contractors, environmentalists, educators, manufacturers, suppliers, research centers and universities, public institutions and NGOs.


Individual membership:

  1. Individual standard membership (one time joining fee KD10 plus KD30 yearly fee)
  2. Student membership (one time joining fee KD10 plus KD10 yearly fee)

 Corporate membership:

  1. Silver membership (KD150 yearly fee)
  2. Gold membership (KD500 yearly fee)
  3. Platinum membership (KD1000 yearly fee)
  4. Special sponsorship and funds (KD 1000-5000 yearly fee)

Individual Members

Kuwait GBC individual membership is open to anyone whose work involves environmental projects, or simply wants to learn more about green building.

Corporate Members

The decision to join Kuwait GBC indicates your interest and commitment in promoting and participating in high levels of professional excellence regarding green building.

Students can join Kuwait GBC with reduced fees and benefit from course discounts and can join our events to gain the best experience and to engage with professionals.


It is KGBC’s priority to have a constructive engagement with all sectors and interested professionals to advance green building awareness and practices in Kuwait. Therefore, membership is open to organizations, individuals, and students. Member organizations must meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • Accepting, supporting and contributing to the Green Building movement in Kuwait, regionally, or around the world.
  • Individual’s or organization’s agenda has an active Corporate Social Responsibility program that includes policies and programs demonstrating commitment to high achievement in environmental performance
  • Individual’s or organization’s agenda complies with the New Kuwait 2035 Vision and Government Agenda
  • Willingness, interest, and ability to support and promote Green Building activities, programs, policies, and initiatives.
  • Having a sense of purpose, ethics, good standing, and reputation.
  • Filling up the Membership application form and participate in Kuwait GBC surveys.