KGBC vision is “to drive the transition of the Kuwait building sector towards sustainability by promoting green building programs, technologies, design practices and operations” while one of the objectives is “to promote the sharing of opinions, information and experience related to sustainable building among Kuwait GBC members and everyone in the construction sector”.

Technical guided tours to green buildings in Kuwait can contribute to achieving these goals. The learning objectives of the green tours are to get to know the principles behind designing, building, executing, operating green and certified green buildings in Kuwait to promote energy conservation, energy efficiency, resources protection, certification process and requirements, tenants behavioral change, operations and facility management of green buildings, the complete life-cycle assessment, waste management, well-being and productivity of its occupants.

“Green Tours” are well-planned and organized tours created with a compelling narrative in mind with a focus on gaining understanding of the green building and sustainability principles applied in the building and technical and technology knowledge that are applied to meet the conditions of environment protection whilst ensuring optimum comfort, high energy performance and healthy living conditions.


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