“Green Academy” is a capacity building program specifically geared towards environmental issues, sustainability, green building design, high-performance construction and operation processes and technologies, renewable energy applications and social, economic and environmental resilience through green building practices. The Green Academy aims to embed sustainable development, green concepts and technologies in the experience of both students and professionals. The Green Academy programs intend to transfer the knowledge about latest green building trends, economic, environmental and social sustainability, and the technical knowledge, tools and procedures required to design, retrofit, certify or operate green buildings.

The Green Academy is the technical and educational arm of Kuwait Green Building Council. Its mission is to prepare and position the Kuwait clean-tech and green building sector as part of the global green movement with a high degree of competence by providing specialists with training sessions, workshops, field visits, and networking opportunities with manufacturers, suppliers and experts. The Green Academy is committed to proving high quality education in green practices and processes in order to train professionals to design, develop, build, manage, and successfully execute green projects. The Green Academy builds these capacities through professional workshops, courses and training sessions related to Green Building, Renewable Energy and Building Life Cycle Management.


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